Starbucks Reveals Their 2017 Secret [digitaltrends]

Starbucks Reveals Their 2017 Secret – Are you a fan of this particular American coffe shop chains? You might want to read how they just spilled the beans on first new latte of 2017.

As one of the most favorite hangout spot amongst Jakarta youngsters, whatever Starbucks brings to its table is going to be interesting. Famous for their seasons of latte choices, they coffee goddess is now bringing you a new taste.

The name itself is quite catchy, The Cascara Latte. Does it tickle your tastebuds? We of course wondering what would it be, taste-wise. According to Starbucks, cascara is a Spanish word that literally means ‘husk’ or ‘shell’ of a coffee cherry.

No, not the sweet cake top red cherry. This cherry is the fruit surrounding the coffee bean. This cherry lends the new latte a hint of sweet fruity flavor. The Starbucks Roastery in Seattle, USA, is the first one who will sell this signature latte.

Obviously the new latte would go nation-wide in the US before it has a chance to go international. If, and if, we are lucky enough. Unfortunately, we will find out about that after Americans get their first sip in January 2017.