It’s Okay to Keep Secrets [forbes]

It’s Okay to Keep Secrets – Sometimes, things are better left unsaid. But, what kind of ‘things’?

In a perfect world, there are no secrets and people honest to each other. However, this world and its inhabitant are imperfect. Everybody has secrets. Sometimes, it really is okay to keep secrets.

Following are the things that it’s alright for you to keep it by yourself, especially from your other half.

Eye candy. Really, your husband doesn’t have to know you meet this handsome stranger every morning on your way to work, in that coffee shop around the corner. Admiring won’t hurt anyone, as long as you don’t do anything about it.

Beauty secret. If you are not comfortable sharing every details of all those pamperings and treatments, then don’t. Unless you want him to pay or it’s a health-related situation.

Body weight. It is okay to complain once in a while when you gain or lose body weight. What’s not okay is complaining about it every morning after you check the scale, especially when he’s not asking. If you are worried about his body weight, think twice before intervention. Be careful with your words, lest he would think of it as a criticism. You can start by suggesting work out session together.

Swore to keep it secret. You are trusted with this secret, so keep it. If you think that telling your spouse doesn’t count, it’s wrong.  Every secret counts. Consider your integrity and don’t ruin a relationship for the sake of another one.

Your family’s feelings. Never tell any negative feelings your own family expressed to spouses. At the beginning, he might think it’s okay. What you don’t know, even when you are already leave that thought behind, he remembers it for future reference. If your spouse finds out a family member don’t like him, even if it’s just one person, this could be the source of a fight between both of you. Refrain yourself and just tell him good and positive things. Also when he’s complaining about a member of his own family, better just listen and don’t make any comments.