The Coolest Indonesian Mannequin Challenge []

The Coolest Indonesian Mannequin Challenge – You wouldn’t guess who behind this coolest Indonesian mannequin challenge ever exist so far.

Who would guess the traffic management officers interested in doing this latest viral trending on the internet? This squad of traffic management police officer from a Central Java small town Brebes just did.

In this mannequin challenge, the traffic management officers are frozen like mannequins in various activity. They can be seen managing traffic and the common violations among Indonesian, to helping motorbikers and holding signs.


The Brebes Traffic Management officers made this video while promotin Operasi Zebra Candi. It’s a campaign held to encourage society awareness for traffic regulations and instructions.

Indonesians are quite famous for breaking simple traffic regulations such as motorbike riders not wearing helmet, driving without license, forgetting the safety belt, and violating traffic signs.